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-The Metaverse is the next big thing for all our potential investors! Nirvana Analytics is ready to connect the dots and grow your wealth with our newest market opportunities, contact us today to get started as an early adopter!

Meta plunged marketing departments and human resources desks into overdrive when it announced its ambition to bring the metaverse to life in November. It’s not the first company to try to create an immersive digital universe in which for us to shop, share and connect with each other, but it is the most committed and widely used yet. 

A cursory search of the leading jobs board Indeed reveals 1,300 adverts containing the word “metaverse” in the U.S. alone, so if you didn’t know about it last year, well, by the end of 2022, your next job might just be inside it—or at least related to it. It’ll take around ten years, at least 10,000 people and way more than $10 billion for Meta to fully realize its vision, but, if there’s anything we’ve learned from the pandemic, it’s that long-term processes can be effectively accelerated into a much shorter time frame (hello, Covid-19 vaccines).


Expect industries of all sizes—from fashion to film and beyond—to lay the groundwork for their place in the metaverse next year. After all, as we enter the third grisly year of a cruel pandemic, there may be no better time to rely on fantasy and augmented reality.

- Isabel Togah (Associate News Editor of Forbes Magazine)

J. Burner Crew is your connection to the Metavers, he has developed a plan that has the potential to give investors an edge due to his 40+ years of industry experience with trends and his ever growing market knowledge. Nirvana Analytics is an early adopter of the Metaverse and plans to be #1 in Cleveland Ohio for generating wealth with this new venture!

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