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Nirvana Analytics

Nirvana Analytics consists of a network specializing in investment and financial solutions to assist with increasing the success of our clients’ portfolios.

Stock Trading

While managing your assets, we increase your capitol with daily stock investment and trading. Our teams has some of the best stock market analyst and traders that use smart decisions to gain your business favorable trades!

Investment Banking

Here our team really shines! We have high level banking industry experience among our staff that will give you a profitable edge on investing wisely. No one on our team has less that 20 years of service with credible banking institutions

Asset Management

We will monitor your business assets and recommend power plays in sales tactics and financing secrets! Our team will research and execute the best options on your behalf to secure profits that increase revenue gains!

Personal Consultation

We hold weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly meetings with your team and investors to provide transparency of direction, current plans for your business endeavors and more! We take pride in updating you on how well we are managing assets for your business!

Business Insights

We use a wide variety of business tools to analyze the current markets and provide your business with smart decisions on budgets, cut-backs, forecasting and market trends!

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